Anonymous said: Is it over

Long story short: No, but it won’t be posting as much.

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In Sibbe Gerest

Thank you all for you lovely messages! :) <3 I promise there will be more letters soon. But first, I have two things to ask:

1) I’d love to hear your ideas for letters still! Don’t worry if you’ve submitted one and I haven’t used it yet; it’s not that I don’t like them (you all have such wonderful ideas), but more of trying to brainstorm how to work them into letters.

2) If you have created anything inspired by these letters (like photosets, videos, fic, etc), please let me know? As I’ve said before, I have no problems with you doing your own spin on this idea and would love to share it with everyone. :)


1. dear dollophead 

[720p at least pls :>]

it’s an awful attempt but hey i tried

This is a fantastic video! Thank you so much! :)

It’s true, Arthur. You were born of magic, and as magic itself, I was born to serve you.

[Based on idea submitted by insert-excalibur]

Though it’s not like I’ll ever forget.

Dear Dollophead Asks

First off, I apologize for the radio silence these past few weeks. I had some stuff happen in real life, but I’ll try to be around more in the future. And always, if you don’t want to see these posts on your dash, blacklist #ddasks  :)

I have a tutorial on how I make these letters here. Let me know if you have any problems?

Thank you all for your continued comments and support! It really means a lot to me! :)

I will be by your side, like I always am.